BSS 3 Day Restorative Approaches Training Course

These 3 days offer an immersive introduction to Restorative Approaches, including:

  • ethos
  • values
  • skills
  • background
  • language
  • application
  • future planning for RA in your setting

This is appropriate for any member of staff from Nursery through all key stages, FE and other educational settings.

The 3 day RA course provides the opportunity to learn about the holistic benefits and impact that developing a relational, restorative approach can have to a community.

Whilst you are more than welcome to attend alone, we have found that schools gain much more if they are able to attend with another colleague from their setting.
There is a maximum of 3 attendees per setting/school. We often have a mix of leadership and teaching staff, or leadership and pastoral/support staff. It can be particularly beneficial if those attending have a strategic role back in their school or team.
This allows for relevant school specific discussions to start during the course, offers a wider perspective around how to develop/take things forward & adds support with regards to being able to influence change when returning back to school.

If you would like to attend a 3 day course please email your interest to