Welcome to

Restorative Stockport’s website.

We are a team of professionals across education, health, social care and partners who have received national recognition for our restorative training, alongside winning local acclaim via Stockport Family Awards, for our restorative work.

What is it?

Restorative Approaches/Practice describes a way of being. It promotes active thinking about how we build our relationships, how we work to keep them healthy and how we can repair them when there has been conflict.

Restorative Practice is relevant to us all. It supports us to connect with each other as fellow human beings, guiding us with our interactions. It can help us to consider how our actions and responses affect our relationships, whether these are relationships at work or at home.

This way of being underpins the Stockport Family Model and is practised within many of our schools within Stockport.

We aim to provide guidance and support for education, health, social care and partner services who are wishing to develop restorative practices within their settings.

Please explore our website to find out about our teams, the training we offer and for resources to support your restorative practice.